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Terra Ceramics Prague

Terra Ceramics Prague - Členské foto

Terra Ceramics Prague

Praha 2

Hi everyone, I am Marie. In my studio, I like to explore the endless possibilities of the clay and in my work you will always find a touch of Mediterranean roots through warm yet strong designs. Gold details, bold geometric patterns or wobbly shapes are a few examples of my signature pieces. I create my pots on the potter’s wheel or by hand and glazes are carefully chosen to reveal each piece’s unique personality.

I started ceramics late. I had never thought about pottery before moving to the UK. My studies required a lot of prototyping and a little bit by chance I started to collaborate with ceramicists from neighbouring ateliers and then slowly ended up visiting studios myself. I learned from many potters there.

I feel very grateful that it came my way. Clay is forgiving but also very complex and that’s what I love about it.

It challenges me everyday and requires endless knowledge which a lifetime won’t suffice.

I am honored and privileged to be a part of Keramikum. We share the same passion, values and love for ceramics in all our differences and that's what brings us together.

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