We Connect

This is our opportunity to connect with other people in this field of activity, the possibility to meet personally several times a year and share our experience and knowledge. To be a part of the ceramics community and create together. We know it’s worth doing it, and 153 members of the association make us believe so.

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We Educate

Art, craft, technology and history, all in one place. Regularly published articles of various topics from the ceramics branch, as well as education and fun for ceramists at any age and of any orientation and experience. We write for you with enthusiasm and will be happy to expand our team by other passionate editors, translators and proofreaders.

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We Inform

You do not have to think long where to go to enjoy ceramics. The association events, firings, markets, workshops and art openings – all clearly in one place. Invite others to interesting events so none of us miss them anymore.

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Do you need a new pottery wheel? Would you like to sell not used equipment or find people to help you in your workshop? Offer residual raw materials? Here is the right place for you.