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La Borne - Grands Feux 2019

Festival v La Borne je svátkem pro keramiku, keramiky, pálení dřevem. Náplní je výpal 14 dřevopecí, spousta přednášek, workshopů a podobně. Vyplatí se jej navštívit. Podrobnosti najdete na webu.

For this new edition of the “Grands Feux” (Great Fires), the Ceramics Association of La Borne (ACLB) and the Contemporary Ceramics Centre of La Borne have chosen to explore the spirit of La Borne. In keeping with the tradition of La Borne’s ceramists, there will be much professional interaction taking place around wood-burning kilns during the firings. This year, the Grands Feux programme offers everyone the opportunity to experience first-hand the way ceramics are produced here, and particularly life in La Borne, with a particular emphasis on the quality of relationships and the wealth of dialogue. It is an experience of earth and fire not to be missed!

The ritual of firing connects the material with its potential in an uninterrupted interaction between the potters and clay: a flow of forces and energies combined that culminates in the emergence of forms. The visit itinerary includes access to some fifteen potters’ and ceramists’ workshops, three exhibitions, guided tours, lectures and practical workshops for children and adults.

A must for this edition and a continuation of the “Ceramic Café”: a special edition of 300 “Grands Feux 2019” bowls is being produced by the ceramists of the ACLB. As a useful everyday object or a collector’s item, every bowl is accompanied by a soup cooked in small batches by our teams of volunteers. You can warm up while walking around La Borne and its surrounding area, and collect the bowls for sale in the potters’ and ceramists’ workshops and at the La Borne Ceramic Centre.

Les Grands Feux 2019 is also hosting the “Earth, Tree & Fire” project (by Élise Carron), a barbecue-performance, a new event organised in partnership with the National Higher Art School of Bourges as part of the cultural programme of the Orléans Architecture Biennale.

From October 26 to November 2, come and discover the spirit of La Borne, the great range of traditional and contemporary artistic practice, be it sculptural or utilitarian, and come and inhabit, create and embrace a sense of local living energy.

La Borne - Grands Feux 2019
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kdy 26.10.2019
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